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Safety Accredited Members




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We found SAM relatively easy to

achieve because all our operatives

had already completed the FWC

 “Cleaning windows safely course”

 and we had most of the

required documentation in place.

Although we already had

“Safe Contractor” we have found

that because SAM is a training

based Safety in procurement

scheme - (as opposed to

paper based) it is appreciated

by our Commercial Customers as it documents and demonstrates our Companies commitment to

Health and Safety.

It also puts us out in front

when applying for Tenders and Contracts.

JA Lee Window  & General Cleaning Contractors Ltd



FWC Safety Accreditation Scheme

designed specifically for window cleaning


FWC Executives developed this window cleaning contractors Safety Assessment Scheme specifically for window cleaning.  The aim of this is to help member businesses find advice on managing their general health and safety risks which is available to all members who  meet  the pre-specified health and safety requirements.

Every month thousands of contractors and consultants apply for work with public and private sector organisations. In order to be awarded the relevant contract, the companies and individuals applying must meet health and safety standards and prepare all the necessary information to become a registered accredited contractor which can be an extremely tedious and lengthy process. 

Accredited Members of such a scheme generally benefit in terms of being considered for proposed tenders by such organisations - quite simply - more organisations will want to work with you.  Plus, 5% discount off your Liability Insurance offered with the Polished Insurance scheme.

SAM is a pre-qualification scheme that allows local authorities and other organisations identify that you have the minimum standard required under the scheme.



There are certain standards that everybody has to achieve; the main principal is IOSH Accreditation - the minimum requirement for Sole-Traders and employees is the FWC IOSH Accreditation; "Cleaning Windows Safely" using waterfed poles & portable ladders; and that Sole Traders / site Forman or appropriate safety person undertake the IOSH "Risk Assessment" course for cleaning windows, gutters and external facades.  However, proof of higher IOSH accreditation supersedes the need for the afore-mentioned courses.



  • Self employed

  • Limited Companies

  • Companies large or small


  • When a client knows you are a "Safety Accredited Member" you will be considered for proposed tenders by Government bodies and other major organisations. 
  • SAM will show you are compliant with health and safety laws and help improve your business productivity. 
  • you can display the Accredited Logo and Certificate on your website; vehicles & stationery to demonstrate your professionalism.
  • You can market your SAM achievement through Window Talk and other trade magazines.


  • £25.00 joining fee (20% vat applies to these charges)
  • Level one (Sole Trader) Annual Accreditation charge £75.00
  • Level two (Employers)  Annual Accreditation charge £225.00


Registration is open to all paid-up members who meet the mandatory SAM requirements.

Sole-Trader applicants will need to have IOSH accreditation, or to undertake & pass a minimum of the FWC IOSH "Cleaning Windows Safely" & "Risk Assessment" courses,

Unless a higher alternative IOSH accreditation is in place, employees of a company will also need to have "Cleaning Windows Safely" accreditation, and the forman / Safety Officer would need a minimum of FWC IOSH "Risk Assessment"

Should the company applying for SAM sub-contract their window cleaning - the sub-contracting company must also comply with the IOSH accreditation requirements.

All persons applying for Safety Accredited Member need to provide a Health & Safety Policy, Risk Assessment, Accident report, Enforcement report, toolbox talk and all training certificates based on the particular type of work the company undertakes and the type of equipment used.  these documents must meet the required accreditation standards..i.e. NEBOSH/IOSH/IPAF/IRATA/CIEH etc.

Should a company applying for SAM have a similar recognised pre-qualification scheme in place; depending on individual circumstances, may qualify for dispensation.  However; IOSH accreditation is mandatory when applying for SAM membership.

The Word application can be completed electronically below or download the pdf.   Return an application with the required payment and supporting evidence to the FWC info@f-w-c.co.uk  electronically return or in portfolio format via the post...until such time our new website is reconstructed to enable online filing of documents and applications.   Applications are processed and evaluated by a qualified Safety person.

 APPLICATION - LEVEL ONE (word document)PDF Click Here  (Sole-Trader)

APPLICATION - LEVEL TWO (Word Document)-- PDF Click Here


Successful applicants will receive a certificate, SAM logo & ID card

For more information about this safety procurement scheme contact the Federation on 0161 432 8754 or email info@f-w-c.co.uk